Workaway – Chocolate farm in Chazuta

Chocolate, design and photography, now that is a mix right up our alley. Between Ryan's photography, my design and my internal love for chocolate, I don't think we could have found a more perfectly matched Workaway for us if we tried … unless maybe gin was involved. It was located on the border of the Amazon in the small town of Chazuta, known for its abundance of Cacao farms.

The couple who were originally from Lima had moved to this small town to start up a cacao farm of there own, harvesting their own beans to turn into high quality chocolate. We stayed with them for 10 days providing our design and photography services in turn for free accommodation and lunch at their home which was located conveniently next to their fermentation and drying processing rooms.

It was a wonderful experience helping a hardworking couple, to bring their ideas to life. From creating some packaging to designing process posters for future visitors to photographing recipes and products. Not only did we love the work that we were doing, we learn a lot on the way. We didn't stay behind the scenes all day, we got to see the farm, taste the chocolate and experience their love for cacao.

The small town of Chazuta, was quaint and authentic. Children played on the street not on iPads, they snacked on fresh mango from the tree not packed chips and they waved hello as you walked by not hurrying past. It was a refreshing change from the busy streets of Lima. The heat was something else, humid and scorching, during midday it wasn't wise to go outside, being a white girl from a cold country, let's just say we didn't mix.


Whilst we still saved money during our time, unlike our pervious Workaway we left feeling more fulfilled, we had done something worth while and had been doing something we loved.

To learn about their cacao and chocolate, check out the links below.

Nina chocolates – Ensuring the best quality and finest flavour for our single origin, small batch chocolate from Chazuta, Peru.

Casa Qoya – At Casa Qoya we grow our own cacao on our finca and source beans from other Chazuta farmers, ensuring the highest quality for you.