What's in my backpack?

What did I pack for 6 months backpacking in South America?

To be honest I didn't even know where to start! How does a girl compress her wardrobe into one bag? Firstly I decided to split my packing into 3 different sections; summer outfits, winter outfits and sports gear – I'm so activewear all day everyday. We have to cover all seasons as South America and we knew that every which weather could be thrown at us. I had a different coloured packing cells for each section, if you haven't thought about these yet, get your butt to your closest Kathmandu or outdoor store and get some you will not regret it. It makes life so much easier when it comes to choosing our daily outfit, especially in a hostel – no more clothing pile of mess from when ruffling through your bag to get to tshirt that is hiding at the bottom. Anyway back to it, when it comes to the organising part remember to layout all your clothes, think it over, cull, then cull again. The less you have in your bag, the less wait you have to lug around and  remember you can always buy stuff on the road.

In the end I manage to get my main pack – a 65L Macpac – and it only weighed below 16kg which I really happy with – check out what I packed in the end below.

Note: the grey jumper was removed in my final cull.

Note: the grey jumper was removed in my final cull.


  • 3 tshirts
  • 2 singlet
  • 2 shorts
  • 3 dresses


  • 1 jeans
  • 1 trackpants
  • 1 merino tights
  • 2 merino tops
  • 2 long sleeve tops
  • 1 merino jersey
  • 1 beanie
  • 1 scarf

SPORTS GEAR – Black cell

  • 2 long tights
  • 1 shorts
  • 2 dri fit singlets
  • 1 long dri fit top
  • 1 sport jackets
  • 1 hat
  • 1 scoof


  • 1 hiking shoes
  • 1 Nike everyday shoes
  • 1 jandels
  • 1 scandals


  • Underwear (small red packing cell)
  • PJs
  • Toiletries
  • 1 travel hairdryer (my hair is high maintenance okay)
  • 1 microfiber towel
  • 1 silk liner (for those iffy, gross hostels)
  • Handful zip lock bags
  • 1 packet washing powder
  • 1 washing bag
  • Medication + first aid bag
  • 2 sporks (fork, spoon, knife in one) just in case

Now here is hoping I don’t freeze or boil on the road and more importantly if this will all last the distance, but I will revise this later down the track and see what else I have added, thrown away or what has fallen apart.