Valle de la Luna

Valle de la Luna – an unbelievable moon-like valley – is not far from the main city and you can choose to get to it many ways; bike, drive or as part of a tour. A few people choose to bike there, to see the spectacular views during the day, though it's possible at night, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the share amount of tour buses zooming pass you with no street lighting would make it difficult if not dangerous in my eyes. Also the ride is uphill and I treasure the ability to walk, sit and feel my butt and legs the next day haha! As you might have guessed we choose to take the tour, not only because the thought of biking uphill, but because the allure of watching the sunset was just too strong. If you're thinking about doing a tour just head to the city centre and shop around for a good price, most tend to be around the $10,000 peso ($21 nzd) mark per person. 

At 3pm, we joined the masses of tour buses heading up to Valle de la Luna, even in low season there is a sea of people. Little did we know that you make a copy of pit stops on the way, BONUS! Like navigating through the rocky salt caves of Valle de la Muerte rocky salt, admiring the massive Gran Duna sand dune and seeing the Three Marias. See all these pit stops below.


After that we had arrived at the Moon Valley and found ourselves a wee spot to watch the sun slowly setting over the valley of desert sands, which created such incredible shades of red, pink and blue whilst casting unique shadows across the valley until the darkness finally took over. We made sure we took some time just to enjoy the view, instead of being behind a camera lens because it was just truly breathtaking. As a photo speaks more than words, check out the view below.

Photos by my talented other half Ryan Christie.