Überlandia – The calm before the storm

Travelling is exhausting, though you may not be behind a desk working your butt off but you are wearing down those Nikes by dragging that butt of yours, left right and centre exploring the unknown and the unseen. After a while of non stop travelling you're going to burn out, travel exhaustion kicks in and you loose that travel spark you had at the beginning.

It’s time to take five.

That is what Überlandia was for us, a place to relax, absorb some of that sunshine before heading across to the Olympics, trying to prepare for utter madness of Rio. We were lucky enough to get this opportunity to go to a less touristy city to take five as Ryan's family friend David, lives there.

His place was incredible, I mean I could have happily camped out on this rooftop forever, or as he calls, his personal oasis. With pot plants filled with small trees and shrubbery lining the roof, a hammock situated in the shade and a blow up pool ready for a cooling off. Not to mention a fridge filled with beers in close proximity. It was easy to forget you were in the middle of Brazil and not on the beach side.

Other than catching our breath and relaxing we also managed to get out and explore some of the waterfalls around the place.

First one was David's favourite local day out, a waterfall located just outside the city. Where we not only saw the waterfall but swam in and out of the rivers, exploring the landscape that felt almost untouched by anyone else. I surprised myself by swimming through currents and jumping off rocks into the unknown waters.

Uberlandia – Mind the Pack

The second waterfall, Ryan and I drove a fair way out and walked through a farmland to find this awesome waterfall. We firstly arrived at the top, looking down to the crushing falls, we new we had to find a way to the bottom. Success came when we found the little walkway down to the bottom of the falls. It was a little natural hideaway with no one else in sight, it so peaceful. After some exploring mostly by Ryan we found you could sneak behind the fall, getting a refreshing shower on the way. Swimming is definitely possible but I preferred not freezing to a crisp and opted to just dipping my toes into the water.

The food is also another draw card for Überlandia, we had some of the best all you can eat places so far on our trip. If I lived there I would have to just make the decision to just be fat and jolly, and just enjoy everything it has to offer. From the best sushi and sashimi I have eaten in my life, which adding to my pant size, was all you could eat, I swear I almost turned into a Tuna myself.

Then the churrascaria, an all you can eat meat place, where they slice the meat at your table directly to your plate. I have never consumed so much red meat in one sitting in my life, I think I even gave Argentina a run for its money. Plus it was ¼ price any we saw in Rio and I swear it looked twice and good.

Our week we had in Überlandia was just what we needed to recharge our batteries and get back moving again.

No matter if you time out is in a quiet hostel or a off the beaten track location, remember it's important. When you get back into travelling and exploring, you feel more energised and have a renewed outlook and added spark back into your step.