Our Salt flats story

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat, there is no wonder that traveller like ourselves flock to it by the bus load. It hosts some of the most unique landscapes in the world, whilst also hosting the most temperamental temperatures, you can go from boiling to freezing in one day. Only accessible by 4x4 jeeps, but due to its harsh conditions it does not guarantee no break downs along the way. If you can bear a bumpy ride your in still for a treat, make sure you can catch sunset because it is truly magical.

We embarked on our one day tour of the Salar de Uyuni early morning, check out our day below.

The train cemetery of Uyuni

Salt Hotel

Playing on the salt flats

Incahuasi Island – Cactus Valley

Sunset on the salt flats

Why we choose the one day tour instead of the more popular three day tour?

  • Money. The one day tour as you can expect is way lighter on the old pocket.
  • We only wanted to see the Salt Flats. Day two and three you see more of the desert, which is beautiful but we had seen similar sights in San Pedro de Atacama.
  • Freezing. We had heard you almost freeze during one night on the salt flats, that didn't seem very appealing.

Handy hints for choosing a tour company

  • Shop around. Head to the main streets and go visiting, write down the prices at each place.
  • Check reviews. Just incase really, if one company only has bad reviews its a no go. If there is only an odd one or two, then your fine.
  • With that in mind, choose the cheapest. I say this because they are all the same for the one day tour, some companies even combined to make up a full car, note for the three day tour, you might want to think differently. But for the one day we found a Spanish speaking guide for a reasonable price, perfect for us. Even though we don't understand much Spanish, we didn't feel an English speaking guide was necessary (plus an English guide was double to triple the price). 
  • Include sunset. Be sure to ask whether it is possible to catch the sunset, sometimes it depends on the group so be sure to talk people around. It's definitely worth it.


Our salt flats story
Our salt flats story