How to get to our favorite view of Rio de Janeiro

It may be a small hike up to the Morro Dois Irmãos hill, but it is well worth the view you get at the top, providing views of both the iconic landmarks of Christ Redeemer and Sugarloaf mountain. You can surely understand why it became our favourite view over Rio de Janeiro. If you still need convincing check out the photos below to see for yourself.

How do you get to Morro Dois Irmãos?

The start of the hike is located at Favela Vidigal which is at the end of Leblon beach, yes it is located in a Favela but do not fear there are police at the entrance and it’s pacified and safe.

You can get there by bus, catch a bus heading towards Vidigal from Ipanema or Copacabana beach, there are many that head towards that direction.

Or walk your way leisurely alone Leblon beach and keep walking up past the Sheraton hotel and Vidigal will be up to your right.  

How to start the hike?

Once you have get to Vidigal you have two options to get the beginning of the hike, you can choose to walk up to the entrance of the ‘Vila Olímpica soccer field’ or what we did which was catch a “moto-taxi” up to the beginning of the hike which both adds to the adventure and means less walking, win-win really. It should cost you around R$10 to get to the soccer field and you can find the moto taxis to the right of the entrance of the Favela Vidigal.

Once you get to the soccer field, cross the field and to the left will find the start of the hike. The hike up to the top will take you around about 30-40 minutes, but make sure you make pit stops to check out the other views on the way, including a view of the Rocinha Favela, the largest favela in Rio.

I would recommended going early morning or late afternoon so you don't melt due to the heat, we arrived at the top around 3.30pm so we could just catch the sunset before heading down just before dark.

What comes up must come down.

You have a few options; walk all the way down the favela where you could pit stop in for a well deserved beer or bite to eat.

Or else try flag down a collective van or motortaxi down to the starting point. The motortaxi only cost $R5 for the way down.