Extending your travels with Workaway


Budget travel can be stressful at times trying to make the most of every dollar, while still enjoying all the great things a country has to offer, and trying to have no regrets. But also in hindsight, it also can lead you to more unique experiences including catching local buses, eating some delicious but dodgy food at times and walking your way around getting lost can take you to the most incredible places. One of the most unique experiences you can get while traveling on a budget is to jump on board a Workaway.

What is Workaway?

What is Workaway I hear some of you ask, well it's a website where people across the world post work in exchange for free accommodation and usually some form of free food. The work can be anything from working in a hostel, picking fruit on a fruit farm, helping build a Eco lodge or even some photography and design. The work is usually for five hours a day five days a week so don't worry you still get a chance to enjoy and explore your surroundings.

Why should you do Workaway?

Why should you do Workaway is the next question building in your head, because not only can you save some money, meet some awesome people but it also gives you such a unique experience. It can lend you off the tourist path and to places that people never get the chance to see, we ended up in a small cacao growing town on the outskirts of the Amazon with virtually no tourism and the nicest people ever. It also gives you a chance to slow down and get a feel for normal life again, travelling full time is tiring.

How can you get involved with Workaway?

How can you get involved, it's easy, jump onto their website www.workaway.org and create a login, it costs a small fee but you then have access to emailing all the hosts. Create a kick arse profile and start emailing away, see where it can lead you.

Some tips and hints

  • Don't accept a job that wants you working longer than 25 hours a week. 5 hours for 5 days is the norm.
  • Look for a place that offers lunch or dinner as their free meal, obviously this isn't make or break but trust me a nice lunch way better for your pocket than a two pieces of toast for breakfast anyday.
  • When sending an email make it personal, show your personality.
  • Add your skills, if a hostel wants you to work behind the bar then add your experience, or if your don't have any experience and you really want to help build an Eco lodge, add that your passionate to the project and you're willing to learn.
  • Don't always plan too far in advance, but if you're found your perfect Workaway email saying your interested and see if it's best for you to lock down dates a few weeks out.
  • Look at the languages, if it's only Spanish speakers and you can only speak English it's not going to be an easy time for you, though if it's both you can pick up some of the language on the way.
  • Have fun, it's not a full time job so enjoy the experience.
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