Eating guide for Lima

Almost every traveller pit stops in this metropolitan city, it's a key starting point for most or a transit city for others. We spent our limited time in Lima recharging our batteries and filling our bellies before jet setting up north.

So if you're ready to tempt your tastebuds with flavour from some of the world's top restaurants, sip away at some local craft beer or feel back at home with some delicious coffee, this guide is for you.

Coffee. no better way to start your day

After ages of some nearly unrecognisable coffee, we soon got back to our Wellington roots of enjoying multiple coffees during the day, hey one can spoil one's self. These are the places we couldn't get enough of.



Enjoy a great coffee in a modern setting just off the main drag in Miraflores, it was only a stone's throw away from our hostel, dangerous. It provided a great location to sip away at a coffee and browse through your newsfeed. Serving a wide range of coffee including siphon, chemex and aeropress, it also had some great looking cabinet food.

Calle Libertad 415 Miraflores

Puku cafe

I loved this little quaint cafe (my personal favourite), with limited seated, but you can always get yourself a takeaway. Using its own Peruvian batch coffee, you can sip away at a proper flat white (omg I know) and enjoy the neat bach style decor.

Narciso De La Colina 297, Distrito de Lima

Movement cafe

A surfing styled cafe located just off park Kennedy, provided good coffee including v60 and chemex. They also have a range of sandwiches and craft beers on offer for all those non coffee lovers.

Calle Berlin 147, Miraflores 15074

Spoil yourself.

Not many people can say they have been to one of the world's top restaurant, sadly neither can I but if your budget allows it, treat yourself for a once in a lifetime eating experience and one of the following restaurants.


Consisted Lima's top restaurant, and ranked 4th in the world, this is definitely a stand out place to go, but be prepared to book way in advance. Here you will enjoy Contemporary Peruvian food from different altitudes, starting at below sea level then soars up into the high altitude mountains, it will surely be a meal you won’t forget.

Santa Isabel 376. Miraflores, Lima, Perú


Maido sits in the 13th spot on the list of top restaurants in the world, offering mouthwatering Peruvian gastronomy with a Japanese influence. Don’t worry you only have to book 48 hours in advance.  

399 San Martin Street, Miraflores, Lima

Indulge in seafood.

You can not come to Peru and not try Ceviche at least once, as Lima is a perfect setting. You not only try that but other amazing seafood including arroz chaufa or camarones.

Terminal Pesquero de Chorrillos

For a unique experience, head down to the seafood market down in Chorrillos – Terminal Pesquero de Chorrillos for a taste of some of the most delicious tasting ceviche. Here you will find rows of small restaurants, pick one full of locals or else we went to Brisa Marina and it did not disappoint.

Terminal Pesquero de Chorrillos
Take any local bus heading to Chorrillos, tell your driver where you're heading and they should let you know where to get off. If not keep your eye on, when you get close, stand up so the driver knows you want to get off.

Aventuras Marinas

If you are after a cheap eat option with a dash of seafood, head to Aventuras Marinas, their menu marino will only set you back s/.16, which can consist of ceviche entree and fish fillet main. What more could you want?!

Calle Manuel Bonilla 178, Miraflores

Barra Mar

For a place with a funky setting and well priced meals, head into the funky suburb of Barranco. From ceviche to sandwiches, they have got you sorted.

Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 201, Barranco

Cool vibes

After somewhere a bit different


This was our favourite find in Lima, it's a small restaurant inspired by the food truck scene, packed full of flavour and colour. It was unique, a good vibe and overall a great experience. I can highly suggest the pulled pork rice bowl and the confucio bao both delicious and bursting with flavour.

Tip: take an uber from Milaflores, it should cost about s/.5.
Av Mariscal La Mar 309, Miraflores

Nuevo Mundo

Missing your local craft beer? Head to Nuevo Mundo to have a taste of their Peruvian craft beers, an experience best shared with a few friends.

15074, José Domingo Choquehuanca 411, Miraflores

La Lucha

A bustling place with range of sandwiches for offer plus the most tastiest hand cut fries. The walls are plastered with black and white photos of Peru, providing a unique and welcoming decor.

Av Santa Cruz 847, Miraflores

For the sweet tooth

With all the walking you will potentially do in Lima, one is allowed to treat oneself every now and then.

Crem dela Crem

Serving up the most delicious gelato that will most definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Flavours range from the usual suspects like chocolate and strawberry but ventured out to other unique flavours like blueberry and lemon and our personal favourite lucume.

109 Parque Muunicipal, Barranco



Eating and Drinking around Lima