Baños – Casa de ArBol – Swing at the End of the World

We got lucky to meet a couple of guys who were travelling with a car and were down to go on a waterfall and swing afternoon adventure, so of course we could not refuse. All four off us went off to find the waterfall they had spied while dirt biking up in the mountains. With surprisingly amazing directions we arrived at the waterfall which was a short walk down the river. The waterfall itself was beautiful, maybe not as big or as grand as others we have seen but it still doesn't take away from it's natural beauty. It was peaceful and calm with no one else in sight, and as boys will be boys they jumped for a swim. Me on the other hand was quite happy just taking photos from a far, I'm not the strongest swimmer, especially when a waterfall is pounding down only metres away.


Afterwards we headed on the mission uphill to the swing at the end of the world, and I'm very happy I hadn't taken the option to walk up as boy it was steep, once we finally found it. The real Casa de Arbol with the tree house, amongst all the swing frauds up there. We happily paid the $1 entrance which ended up being a dollar very well spent.


Never underestimate how much fun one can have a swing, especially one that is attached to a wicked little treehouse that looks over such a beautiful landscape. With the volcano to the left and a valley to your right and the sun just escaping behind the clouds I don't think this spot could have been anymore majestic if it tried. A group of us ended up staying here for hours, we watched groups come and go while we were trying to see how we could get the closest to vomiting while spinning each other around and around on the swing, yes we were big kids at heart. Followed by some flying fox racing then more swinging to watch the sunset before the clouds and mist engulfed the view.