A hike not to miss – Laguna 69

The high glacial lake of Laguna 69, is a truly mouth dropping natural beauty with crystal turquoise waters, hidden at 4600 metres above sea level and nestled in Huaraz’s snowy capped mountains. 

The day hike to Laguna 69 can be an absolute killer due to the altitude, though the whole walk you are surrounded by every changing natural beauty. It took many pit stops, a few moral boosting chocolate bites and a handful of tantrums (that almost lead me back down the mountain), to get me to the top of the mountain, but I can say making it to the top was well worth every second. Once you walk over the ridge and you see a glimpse of the lagoon all the breathless steps up will become a distant memory, I promise. The lagoon colour is indescribably blue, the snow capped mountains are right out of a movie set and the noise of the crackling glacier echos around you. The whole place is truly magical, check out the photos below as sometimes words can not even begin to describe its beauty.

The picturesque views on the way to the top

The picturesque views on the way to the top

Thankfully there is some flat paths

Thankfully there is some flat paths

Our first glimpse of the laguna

Our first glimpse of the laguna

A more leisurely walk back down

A more leisurely walk back down

Tips for hiking Laguna 69

Have the photos convinced you to take on the hike? Here are a few tips before you embark.

  1. Acclimatise. Take time for your body to get use to the altitude. I recommend a couple of days, we only had one and though we made it to the top, every few steps required a massive breath in.

  2. Water. Put yourself in good stead and drink lots of water the day before.

  3. Eat a decent breakfast. Most tours stop off at a small restaurant before the hike, where you can grab yourself a 3 sole sandwich to start your day.

  4. Pack a lunch. Nuts, fruit, sandwiches and maybe some dark chocolate for a wee energy boost. You can enjoy next to the Laguna before a much more enjoyable wander down.

  5. Raincoat. The weather is unruly, we even had a wee bit of snow before the sun came out and lit up the lagoon.

Tour tip: How to go choose a tour company?

Choose the cheapest, the tour itself is more just transport there and back. Don't expected bells and whistles but the price between doing it yourself and grabbing a cheap tour, the tour is worth it for safety and security of assuring a ride back to town. 


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Laguna 69 – Mind the Pack

We got to see this wee guy trying to get into everyones packed lunch.

Let us know if this guy is still floating around the Laguna.