7 things girls need to know before travelling long term

After travelling for over 6 months, I feel I can hand over some tips for all you ladies who are about to embark on their travels.

Travel isn't all about the glamorous photos that a posted on Instagram, it's far from it. Since travelling long term, my makeup routine is now a coating of high SPF sunblock, my clothing choices revolve around whatever is clean (or the least dirty) and my hair well, it's just gone wild. Seriously some days I don’t recognise myself, honestly sometimes it looks like I have been living in a jungle for a week. These are some tips I learnt along the way or things I wished I had done differently.

Pack a couple of bikinis. Why? Because the double as spare, quick drying underwear. After a quick wash in the shower, they ready for the next day. Trust me, I have had to go commando more than once.

Slap on some lipstick. When you get the feeling you're looking more gorilla than human, lipstick will bring back your faith in yourself, once again. It's like it has superpowers, you will soon forget about your hair that birds have started nesting in.

Don't pack too much make up. You don't going to want to lug your whole makeup bag around especially when in most warm countries you're going to sweat all your hard work off anyway. I vote to just pack your favourite BB cream as some light coverage for those nights out.

Invest in some hair bands & bobby pins galore. This one is for all you short haired girls out there, it's a piece of advice my hairdresser gave me when I left. How I envied girls who could tie their hair up in a messy bun, whilst mine grow out in every which way. Trust me explaining a haircut via google translate, isn't the easiest and doesn't leave you with the most desired result. 

Tissues, hand sanitizer and tampons. Have them on you at all times, the state of some toilets along the way will make you wished you just popped a squat instead. Then you find out there is nowhere to wash your hands or any toilet paper. SHIT. It's not a situation I would wish on anyone, so be prepared.

Comfy sandals or ballet slippers. Pack one pair that you can explore the city by day and party in them at night. Firstly, your feet will love the freedom from your Nikes, though they look great when your hitting the streets, dropping it down on the d-floor not so much.  

Face wash. Your tried and tested, as your skin will go from dry one day, sweaty or oily the next and then a pimply mess. Well that's what happened to my poor face, it didn't know what I was putting it through. Though I'm not am expert in this area, after a good wash I always felt a bit better and hoped for the best.


What are you travelling tips?