5 things you need to know before going to Ecuador


1. Currency

They use USD, which is every backpackers worst nightmare, though most things are still relative to South America pricing but it is slightly more expensive.

2. Carry change

Sometimes a note as small as a $20usd can be hard to break at some stores but also be prepared to be rattling around in your pocket for the right change as their coins are a mix of US quarters and dimes, and Ecuadorian 10 and 25 cents.

3. Buses

Unlike their Peruvian neighbours, Ecuador buses come in a one size fits all, so no more options for bigger nicer seats, you get what your given. Expect many stops along the way and multiple people popping in trying to sell all kinds of chips, sweets and food on the way which is great if your dying for a snack but not good if you want to get to a place quickly. The cost averages just above $1usd per hour of travel. A three hour bus costs $4 usd, 8 hour bus costs around $10usd.

4. Ceviche

When you think of ceviche, I'm sure you think of fish cured in lime juice, but in Ecuador it's a far from that. It's more of a refreshing cold soup made of blended tomatoes with diced tomatoes, red onions, coriander and typically the base is shrimp or mixed seafood.

5. Weather

The western conversational ice breaker doesn't exist in Ecuador, in fact they don't have a weather report at all, so whatever you do, do not plan your trip around the weather you find on google. In Baños it was saying thunderstorms and rain, all we got was perfect blue skies.

Things to know before you go to Ecuador